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As an INDSPRA member, you'll be joining a statewide network of School PR professionals who are available to provide support, ideas, and camaraderie. We'll connect you with a Regional Director who will facilitate conversations and connect you with colleagues in your area of the state. INDSPRA membership also comes with access to a number of resources and strategies that will help you enhance and improve your communication goals, including:

  • Access resources on the INDSPRA website regularly for updates and upcoming events.
  • Participate in our conferences – where experts in school marketing and communications will provide guidance and tools for school districts throughout Indiana to market their schools in the midst of an increasingly competitive time in educational history. 
  • Enjoy networking, consultation, and professional development opportunities with school public relations professionals.

PO Box 862 | Brownsburg, IN 46112 | 317.723.0485 | Email

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